Adobe’s recent AEM Mobile announcement – what it means for existing DPS Customers.

At Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona earlier this week, Adobe announced that they would be integrating its industry-leading, app-creation and publishing system, Digital Publishing Solution, into its excellent Experience Manager product and renaming it ‘Adobe Experience Manager Mobile’. It seems to have caused a few raised eyebrows and many questions, so I hope I can clear up a few things here…
I think this is an exciting move from Adobe, who have now fully integrated the DPS 2015 system first launched last year into its Adobe Experience Manager product, giving enterprise customers an extremely powerful end-to-end solution for creating mobile apps and content, including integration with the open source framework Apache Cordova, which means users can add existing web APIs to their apps for additional functionality, ie: Geolocation, Camera, Compass and so on. For existing DPS customers it means they get to utilise the asset management, content creation and analytics tools within Adobe Experience Manager, plus all the excellent and highly innovative on-demand services offered as part of DPS 2015 – (which means users can still use InDesign CC as a creation tool for interactive content). Customers need to make sure to contact Adobe well before their contract renewal date to make use of all of the new AEM Mobile features within any new agreement. Digital Publishing Suite will continue to be supported as many companies and organisations still use it to great effect.
Although its clear to me that Adobe are moving fully into the enterprise area with mobile app products and services, this is definitely not the end of DPS Classic. Customers with existing agreements will continue to be supported of course, and there are no plans to end the life cycle of Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. Adobe have hundreds if not thousands of existing customers using DPS Classic, and its still the most successful content-driven app platform on the app store by the looks of things, and let’s not forget that arguably, many of the best content apps are made with DPS Classic. Any new agreements will be centred around Adobe Experience Manager Mobile, which I think is the right way to go – its fantastic set of on-demand tools, easy to use, and all without the need for coding (unless you’re integrating it into your own CMS!). Adobe will be focusing its considerable resources on developing and pushing AEM Mobile over the coming months and years – and I’m looking forward to using it, while helping my clients to grow their digital strategy.
For more information on the new AEM Mobile announcement – here’s a short video from Adobe:
If you are looking for expertise in designing, crafting, curating and building apps with your existing DPS license, or considering a new publishing license – please drop me a line – I’m an Adobe Solution Partner, certified expert in DPS, and have worked in digital magazines and apps since 2010 for a variety of publishers and clients.

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