How Adobe’s new Digital Publishing Solution evolved into a live platform…


Now that Adobe have fully launched their new Digital Publishing Solution, I wanted to find out a little more on how they went around starting the process, engineering the new system, and also to get an inside view on what it could mean for the future of digital publishing. I met with Kristy Duncan, Adobe’s DPS Senior Product Manager, at the DPS2015 launch in New York to get the lowdown on DPS2015…

Can you tell us a bit about your role within Adobe, and your involvement in the new launch? 

(KD) “I’m a Senior Product Manager on the Adobe Digital Publishing Solution team driving areas including Social, Entitlement and the new Roles & Permissions. I also led our pilot project with Fast Company earlier this year.” Download the Fast Company app here.

How long have Adobe been planning this new version, and how did the process evolve?

“We started actively planning the new DPS just over a year ago; however, we didn’t start from scratch. The core components of the new DPS – continuous publishing with articles & collections, modern app experiences, enterprise-level administration tools — were all informed by listening to our ‘DPS Classic‘ customers over the past several years. We kicked off the new DPS efforts with a feature framework from the product management team and an engineering “garage week” where teams could explore new technologies and feature ideas. From these efforts, the new DPS quickly started taking shape.”

What was the main focus throughout the development period?

“Throughout the process, we focused on collaboration and quick iteration both internally and with our customers. We started a pre-release program in March 2015 and launched a public Beta in June. One month later, the new DPS was release for everyone to experience.”

Quite some challenge to get it done in a matter of 8-9 months, I would think…

“Working on the new DPS, essentially a new product end-to-end, was highly challenging given what we wanted to deliver to our customers and the time frame in which we wanted to deliver. That challenge also brought great excitement, collaboration and focus to the entire DPS team. It extremely rewarding to now see the variety of new DPS 2015 apps that our customers have launched.” View the DPS2015 Showcase Gallery here.


Fast Company’s new DPS 2015 app is a real step into the future, with more of an article-based feel as opposed to issue-based.

Where do you think Digital Publishing is headed? More story-based, or something else?

“Digital publishing has expanded from magazines to a variety of content applications including brand marketing, sales training, and higher education. We’ll continue to provide more ways for our customers to streamline their workflows to create and publish content into their DPS apps while also providing users new ways to discover and engage with content.”

What new developments are you excited about over 2015/16 for DPS?

“We have several developments planned including search, related content and user-created collections. I’m particularly excited to see what our customers create with the new DPS and, from their experiences, spark new product features to enable them to continue delivering great experiences to their users.”

You can sign up for a free trial for Adobe’s Digital Publishing Solution 2015 using your personal Adobe ID:

If you’d like to start building a new app for your brand or magazine, require beginner or advanced team training or perhaps some further insight into how the new DPS compares to DPS Classic, please drop me a line at:
Special thanks to Kristy Duncan, Klaasjan Tukker and Nick Bogaty from Adobe.


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