Magvault is a unique new website that provides readers with a searchable online library of over 6,700 individual magazine apps from around the world, available on tablet and phone across all app stores. The site also provides publishers and brand marketers with an opportunity to promote their products to new and existing readers.

Each magazine has its own page on the site, including subscriber information, preview images and video, publisher details and most importantly, direct links to all the app stores for the various devices.

Magvault also features a Help/FAQ page, where readers can find out about online purchase and iTunes trial offer terms, subscription instructions and more technical advice. We also send out a weekly email for those who sign up, featuring the latest deals and app update information.

Additionally, our team of digital magazine experts test and review the latest innovative apps across the various platforms. ‘Magvault Recommends‘ is a collection of apps showing the magazines we think are innovating and providing the best experience for consumers.

Our social media feeds on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – reaching up to 1m impressions a month – provide consumers with content stories, new issue alerts, app updates and launch announcements, and also provides publishers with a constant stream of marketing opportunities based around their content apps.  


Our twitter feed reaches over 1m twitter users per month

From Apple to Android and Windows, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Magvault provides a simple and easy way to get magazine apps on to readers’ devices, without the hassle of getting lost in app stores.

In short, we love to promote digital magazines, and want to make a real difference for you and your readers.

Get in touch if you would like to know more about our site, and our magazine marketing services:


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Mobile Product Consultant and Creative Director, consulting across design agencies, publishers and brands on digital publishing, apps, UX and interactive design. I also train designers how to use Adobe DPS, and inspire new ideas for getting content working on mobile devices...

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