The best iPhone magazines are…

Next challenge (I say ‘next’, what I actually mean is NOW), is how to get a magazine brand and its editorial stories on to smartphone.

Adobe recently published iPhone download numbers near the 10% mark. This is enough for me to properly consider doing something special for this device. The market is colossal.

There are a few ways of tackling this one… here are some of them:

1. make an app, not a magazine – ie: not a paginated, washing line feel. Pros: better experience. Cons: expensive, doesn’t match the print content feel.

2. Use a developer and invest fully in an html-led solution. Bloomberg Businessweek do this very well.

3. Look at Future Folio as an option – templates isn’t an evil word, there. Photography Week is a great example. There are options to work with live feeds, and also it highly optimises the files – so the file size on iPhone stays low. This is a key factor in successful app to purchase conversions on iPhone. Keep it small and simple!

4. Adobe DPS is more of a bespoke option but you can now take feeds from a server – ie: drupal and wordpress. I like to think this is the best option but the workflow may not be ideal running alongside your print edition. Check out WIRED UK and The New Yorker.

5. Do nothing (ie: whack a PDF edition into a container app). Plenty of those around…

The right experience of a magazine on iphone hasn’t really been conquered just yet – but there are some who are giving it a try. I wonder if a text only approach works best. With links to images and video.

Here’s my top six. What are yours?



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