Interactive iPad advert for Audi…

Audi R8 interactive ad by ALMAP BBDO.

This is a fantastic example of an ad agency thinking ahead of the curve.

Love the idea, innovation, and simplicity – and the ‘fun’ element too. Using the iPad’s ‘screen shot’ controls, the user is asked to ‘snap’ the car as it speeds past. (not easy for some!).

Imagine the dwell time on this! And the amount of re-visits. Plus – the ad ends up in the user’s ‘Photos’ app, several times!

Note this is a landscape ad, so I wonder what happens for the portrait version… some iPad magazines only exist in portrait. I would hope this ad could eventually make it across to the UK…

Audi have been quick, and keen to advertise in iPad magazines from day one, and these global concepts are a result of all that early learning. If only more ad agencies would get involved, then I think we’d be seeing far more ads like this from the major brands. It will happen – but the uptake has been slow.

Digital publishers worldwide need to be ready to accommodate client briefs like this, and work with the more innovative agencies to make this a ‘speedier’ process.

Currently there seems to be a ‘toe-dip’ mentality towards iPad magazine advertising, where clients and their planning agencies book a single flat ad with no uptake, or the opposite happens where they spend an absolute fortune on development over weeks of work, ie: the water’s too hot right now.

But – there is a proven method in play across a few digital publishers – in-house creative teams.

At Future, we’ve been pioneers in creating interactive iPad ads, and worked directly with clients to produce some really fantastic results particularly for T3 iPad Edition (the UK’s best-selling digital magazine) – Renault’s first ever cover-wrap for their electric range, a Go-Pro video cover, and the award-winning advertisement for the Panasonic GF2 camera come to mind.

We’ve also seen LG own Radar, the front section of T3 iPad edition, and Taylor-Made frequently re-booking their advertorial creative into T3’s Techlife section. And there have been countless more… all created in-house for the client.

And we’ve collaborated with some of the UK’s top agencies since T3 launched in October 2010 – and featured some of the world’s top brands.

I’m looking forward to seeing more interactive ads like the R8 one here – and excited about creating them too, so watch this space…


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