Tablet publishing apps in the App Store charts

Here’s a quick update from 30/5 on the current publishing apps featuring in the App Store Grossing charts for ipad in the UK region…

2. The Times
4. The Telegraph for iPad
6. The Guardian
8. Comics
19. Daily Mail
21. Zinio
25. Marvel Comics
30. T3 iPad Edition
47. DC Comics
54. The New Yorker
69. Attitude Magazine
80. National Geographic
83. The i newspaper
96. The Economist
98. Stuff
100. Cycling Plus
104. Good Food
107. Empire
108. Top Gear
111. NY times
114. The Week
122. FOCUS
133. Men’s Health
153. GQ UK
168. Men’s Fitness
171. Wired UK
178. Wired US
194. Evo
204. GQ US


About tabletdesigner

Mobile Product Consultant and Creative Director, consulting across design agencies, publishers and brands on digital publishing, apps, UX and interactive design. I also train designers how to use Adobe DPS, and inspire new ideas for getting content working on mobile devices...

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