Optimising for new iPad

Future Publishing’s best-selling ipad app, T3: iPad Edition, is now optimised for the new iPad…and it looks fantastic.

Possibly the first ‘Woodwing’ tablet app to go ‘retina’. And I’m very proud to say that after some clever compression and design work from the T3 team, the latest issue in retina is only 506mb.

Picture Perfect
The images look near perfect – better than anything you’ve seen in print or digital form previously, but the most impressive improvement for me is the type. With T3’s crisp type design, you can see every detail of each character – as intended by the type designers. The main body copy font (Mercury) looks sharper than I’ve ever seen any type anywhere.

Yes, the pages are basically Indesign JPGs and PNGs, but they look so sharp – and the download size for the edition has proved that these image-based digital magazines are well and truly the closest thing to a ‘printed’ magazine with all the brand fonts, graphics, and styling not compromised in any way.

How did we do it?
The team tested for a month and improvised with the configuration settings in Enterprise (the brains behind the app export) and also tried a few different ways of compressing the images, and the main background images. We also looked at video compression and what was best for iPads 1, 2 and 3.

The software we use for page layout, Indesign CS4 and Woodwing’s digital magazine tools, allowed us to create different editions of the same layout within one Indesign document – this feature is called DM Artboards. The interface for this isn’t all that great, and I hope to see some improvements soon…but with Adobe’s CS6, alternate layouts and also liquid layout on the horizon for us, it looks like we’re in a good place for multi-screen publishing from one workflow.

So get downloading and let us know what you think?


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